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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Once bedbugs have infiltrated a residence, they’re going to find places to hide. Although they’ll hide in a few key places more often, they can hide anywhere. These pests prefer staying as close to their food source as possible. Therefore, they’re going to hide on your mattress and box spring. Besides these two hiding places, they have many more. Some of their hiding places are obvious but others are not. Within this article, readers will learn a great deal more about the most common hiding places for bedbugs.

Most Frequent Hiding Places

Mattresses & Box Springs

First and foremost, bedbugs are going to hide on mattresses and box springs. Once bedbugs have invaded a residence, most of them are going to hide on one or the other. These pests want to stay close to their food source which is human blood. When someone sleeps, their body emits CO2, heat, and unique kairomones. Bedbugs will detect these things and approach them. They know you’re sleeping so they’re going to come out and suck your blood. As a result, bedbugs love hiding on box springs and mattresses.

Bed Frames

Bedbugs sometimes spread out and hide elsewhere in the home. When this happens, their second favorite hiding place is the bed frame. You might have a reddish-brown bed frame. If you do, the bedbugs will blend in with it. They’ll hide in the small corners and cracks of the bed frame. As the colony gets larger, the bedbugs in your home need to find other places to hide. Your bed frame is a good option for them.

Covers & Sheets

Bedbugs prefer staying close to the mattress. As a result, they’ll sometimes hide on covers, sheets, and pillowcases. When they hide here, they’ll stay close to you so they can suck your blood easily. Although this is going to freak you out, they’re easier to find here. You should be able to see them crawling on your sheets without much effort.


You might have carpets or rugs in your bedroom. Unfortunately, these items tend to be good hiding places for bedbugs. Bedbugs may crawl out of your luggage or off of your shoe. When they do, there is a chance they’re going to hide in your carpets or rugs. They’ll hide between the fibers of the carpets. Once they’ve done this, you likely won’t notice them.

Upholstered Furniture Like Couches

Bedbugs can also hide on certain pieces of furniture. If you have a couch in or close to your bedroom, it is likely going to be a good hiding place for them. They prefer hiding on upholstered furniture. They’ll hide between the cushions and behind the pillows. They’re small enough to slip through the gaps and hide under the cushions without being detected. They’ll also move underneath the furniture. If you want to find them, you’ll have to flip them over and check them carefully. Ultimately, these are the most common bedbug hiding places in homes. However, there are other hiding places. Below, you’ll learn about unique bedbug hiding places that most people don’t think about.

Other Unique Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can hide in many places. Besides the aforementioned spots, they’re also going to hide in some unique places. They’ll be explored in greater depth below.


You’re going to find bedbugs in your luggage. After a lengthy trip and several motel stays, you might come home with bedbugs in your luggage. Bedbugs hide in luggage bags and travel in them. You might take bedbugs to other motels and home with you. Since they’re so small, they can remain hidden without being detected easily. Therefore, it is pertinent to carefully check your bags before returning home and when you arrive. If you notice bedbugs in your luggage, don’t let them enter your home. Use your dryer to eradicate them before it leads to a bedbug infestation in your home.

Decorations On Walls

Bedbugs also hide behind wall decorations such as paintings and pictures. Bedbugs can climb. They’ll climb up furniture legs, bed frames, and walls. They can easily climb up your wall and hide behind the paintings hanging on your walls. Therefore, you need to check these items for bedbugs. If you find them, you need to call a professional exterminator promptly.

Books In Your Bedroom

If you read at night or store books in your bedroom, those books could turn into bedbug hiding places. These pests are small so they can hide under the book’s protective covering. They’ll also take shelter between the book’s binding and spine. Unfortunately, this happens commonly when books are stored in bedrooms.

Bedroom Nightstands

Bedbugs will eventually move to the nightstand in your bedroom. It offers plenty of great hiding places for bedbugs in your home. The bedbugs will climb up the nightstand and hide in and behind the drawers. They can also hide around the small folds of the wood. If your nightstand is reddish-brown, you’ll have trouble spotting the bedbugs. They’ll blend in with the furniture. Using a flashlight might make it easier.

Electronic Devices

Bedbugs often hide in electronic devices. They can slip through the small ventilation holes and hide inside. Although they can hide in computers and gaming consoles, they prefer smaller devices closer to your bed. For instance, they might hide in your alarm clock or television. If it is close to your bed, it will be a better hiding place. Bedbugs often hide in items stored under beds. Storing items under your bed is wise since it’ll get the items out of your way. However, You need to be careful when doing this. Store them in durable, airtight containers. Doing this will prevent bedbugs from climbing inside and hiding there. When bedbugs invade, contact a professional to remedy the problem.

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