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Mosquitoes can be found anywhere in the United States. Although they’re mostly outside, they can sometimes sneak into your home. Once this happens, you have to worry about getting bit. Mosquitoes bite people and suck blood so they’re a nuisance and pose a serious risk to humans and pets. Mosquitoes can carry many serious diseases, including Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and more. It is easy for mosquitoes to develop these illnesses.

At some point, they’re going to bite animals and people. From time to time, they’ll bite someone who is infected with a serious illness. Once they’ve contracted a nasty illness, they’ll be able to spread it to other people and pets. It is impossible to remove all mosquitoes from a property. Still, our environmental management services will reduce the risks.

Possible Solutions

Our company has offered mosquito management services in Norfolk, Virginia for many years. We have developed a sound strategy to provide our clients with relief and peace of mind. We offer integrated pest management solutions for industrial, commercial, residential, and municipal clients. Our mosquito management service offers a handful of perks.

  • Our exterminator needs to know where the mosquitoes are breeding
  • Your home will be studied so we can identify structural deficiencies
  • The exterminator will use Larvicides to management the immature mosquito population
  • Steps are taken to reduce adult mosquitoes around your home

Don’t delay getting in touch with us today. Our Norfolk exterminators are eager to help and protect you. Contact us and we’ll begin working hard for you.

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