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Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control Norfolk VA

Companies are at the highest risk of financial loss associated with pest infestation. There is an average of 900,000 species of insects worldwide. Entomologists have invested their lives in researching insects to determine which species are harmful and harmless. In Norfolk, there are around 22 household pests, insect species that infiltrate human habitats. Contrary to belief, household pests target both residential and commercial establishments.

Pest infestation is extremely risky for commercial establishments. Hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets are at the highest risk of pest infestation. Hotels host thousands of travelers, while restaurants are dealing with tons of food each year. These are only a few reasons why commercial establishments are targeted by household pests.

We serve a broad range of commercial establishments:

Our Commercial Pest Management Services

Our commercial pest management targets infestation in all severity levels. We combine industrial strength insecticides with adhesive traps and visual inspections. The first step of the process is a visual inspection by an exterminator. Every room is carefully inspected to determine if pests are present. If pests are detected during the inspection, the inspector will look for signs to determine the severity of the problem. Just because the signs are present, does not necessarily mean the property is infested.

With data collected during the pest inspection, the client will customize a strategy guaranteed to offer a 100 percent success rate. Once the strategy is devised, the exterminator will determine when it should be implemented. This is where some businesses go wrong because they believe a pest control strategy implementation is an implementation.

Our Commercial pest management service is implemented by the lead exterminator. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and commercial-grade pesticides to ensure the best outcome in the shortest duration.

Saving Businesses From Pest Infestation Doom

Just the slightest hint of pests in commercial establishments could lead to a devastating end for Norfolk businesses. Local consumers expect a lot from the commercial establishments. Ignoring a pest infestation is not pleasing your customers, but instead, failing them. You may be able to keep the pest infestation quiet for a while. You will not be able to keep it quiet forever. Just one sighting will be enough to turn your business upside down.

Our professional pest control is the solution. Our exterminators will work alongside you and your family to determine the best pest control strategy. However, we do not stop here. We believe a pest control strategy is not always enough to avoid public scrutiny due to an infestation of pests. The pest control strategy must be executed in a manner that targets the responsible pest culprit.

We utilize the data collected during the inspection to devise a customer treatment place for commercial properties. Owners with little to no pest infestation experience will have no idea of the next step. This is where our Norfolk extermination team comes into play. Every member of the team is on standby, waiting to take your call.

When you submit your commercial pest management service request, the customer support representative will pair you with one of our exterminators. This professional will work with you throughout the process to ensure the best outcome.

Structural Damage Related To A Pest Infestation

Pests, such as termites, ants, carpenter bees, and beetles are notorious for causing structural damage. Not only are owners under pressure to fully eradicate pests, but also prevent further structural damage. It is like a double whammy, you have a pest infestation on one hand and structural damage on the other hand.

Pest infestation and structural damage cost Norfolk businesses and consumers tens of thousands of dollars each year. Some businesses will not recover, while others are hanging on by a thread.

Structural damage caused by pests can go undetected for days, weeks, or months in some cases. This especially applies to pests that go undetected for any amount of time. While you are unaware of the pests, they are damaging the vital structural components of your commercial establishment.

Structural damage is not always visible. Since most insects that target commercial properties are small, it is not unusual for the structural damage to go undetected. The length of time it takes for owners to detect the structural damage, the pest infestation is out of control.

Our pest inspection is key to preventing further damage caused by pests. We believe it is possible to stop pests in their tracks with our commercial pest management strategies.

Early Detection Is Key To Minimizing The Damage Caused By Pests

When some people think of the damage caused by pests, structural components come to mind. Beetles, carpenter bees, ants, and termites have one thing in common. All of these insect species have strong mandibles that are utilized for nearly every aspect of living. Insect mandibles are utilized for food-foraging, nesting, building underground tunnels, burrowing holes in wooden structures, feeding, copulation, and combat. There is no doubt, pests need their mandibles, but pests with mandibles are a bigger risk for commercial establishments.

Minimizing the emotional, physical, and financial damage caused by pest infestation is early detection. Yes, business owners can learn how to read the signs of a pest problem early on. Knowing how to identify the insect species responsible for most commercial pest infestations in Norfolk is a great place to start. However, to achieve early detection, owners must know the signs of an infestation. When you combine the ability to identify insects and the signs of an infestation, early detection will never be an issue.

Our Commercial Pest Control Team

Our pest control experts are from all walks of life. Each member of the team has successfully completed pest control courses, earning the certification needed to legally administer chemical pesticides. In addition to the pest control certification, our exterminators are fully trained in pesticide safety. We are continuously urging our pest control experts to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques.

The Virginia pest control industry is continuously changing. Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality pest control service in Norfolk and beyond. So far, we have been doing a great job and have no plans to slow down in the future.

Norfolk businesses, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and public facilities can count on us to save them from financial despair associated with pest infestation. We will not only save your business from structural damage but also from earning a reputation as a pest-infested business.

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