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Unfortunately, cockroaches are everywhere. If you live in Norfolk, you may encounter cockroaches at some point. If you’re lucky, they won’t be in your home. If they are, it is pertinent to take care of the problem immediately. There are more than 4,000 cockroach species around the world. Roughly 30 of these species strive when living in residential dwellings. The good news is that most species won’t enter homes. Nevertheless, those that do will create immense issues for the renter or homeowner. Approximately five species are commonly found in Norfolk. It is important to learn more about the cockroaches that you’re going to encounter. Once you’ve learned how to identify the species, you’ll be ready to deal with an infestation when it occurs.

Each species is unique in many ways. For instance, they’re going to vary in terms of color, shape, and size. Judging the cockroach by its appearance will make it easier to identify. You’ll also find that different cockroaches are attracted to different things. Furthermore, you can’t eliminate the cockroaches in your home until you know what you’re dealing with. Find out which species it is before you can kill them. A professional exterminator will have experience identifying cockroach species. They’ll be able to help you find out which species you have. Then, they’ll help you assemble a plan to tackle the problem before it worsens. Below, you’ll find out about the most common cockroach species in Norfolk.

Cockroaches Frequently Encountered In Norfolk

Norfolk is home to many cockroach species. It is pertinent to learn more about these species so you know what you’re dealing with and how to eliminate the problem. Some of the most common cockroach species in Norfolk will be explored in greater depth below.

German Cockroaches

First and foremost, you’re going to run into German cockroaches because they’re common in Norfolk. German cockroaches often reach half an inch but some of them are slightly longer. These pests are tan or light brown. One thing that sets them apart from other cockroaches is the fact that they have racing stripes on their heads. The racing stripes are dark. German cockroaches and many other cockroach species are prolific breeders. They can produce a lot of eggs so the infestation is going to worsen before you know it. As for German cockroaches, a female adult cockroach can produce egg cases that contain 30 to 40 eggs. During her lifetime, a female German cockroach can produce as many as five egg capsules.

Suffice to say, they’re going to create a big infestation quickly. German cockroaches want to hide around warm appliances. After they invade a residence, they’re going to hide under ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other warm appliances. German cockroaches can develop wings, but they do not fly.

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are commonly found in Norfolk. They’re one of the most common cockroach species in our area. These cockroaches are much larger than some of the other common cockroaches in our area. In some cases, they can grow up to 2 inches in length. Although they’re reddish-brown, they have a dark plate on their head with a light color surrounding the plate. If you see this, you’ll likely know that you’re dealing with American cockroaches. One thing that is concerning about American cockroaches is the fact that they can indeed fly. When compared to other cockroaches, the American cockroach lives longer. It can take American cockroaches up to 2 years to fully mature. Once they’ve reached maturity, they can sometimes live much longer after that.

These cockroaches generally do not infest buildings overnight. Although they can enter residences, they generally prefer living in incredibly moist locations. It is common to find large groups of American cockroaches in old structures downtown, steam tunnels, and sewer systems. If you’ve found a bunch of American cockroaches on your property, you need to begin searching for dried plumbing traps or broken sewer pipes. Something has gone wrong so you need to find out swiftly.

There are numerous cockroach species in Norfolk. The two most common were discussed above. Below, you’ll learn more about the less common species in our city. They include Brown-Banded cockroaches, Mediterranean Spotted cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and more.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

As the name suggests, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are mostly found in the eastern states. However, they can travel across the country. Either way, there is a large population of Pennsylvania wood cockroaches in Virginia. Although they belong to the same species, female and male Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are dramatically different. Adult males grow up to an inch in length and can develop full wings. Females have shorter wings and only reach three-quarters of an inch at the maximum. Although they are found in our area, they’re rarely pests. Even if they enter your home, they’re not going to reproduce inside.

They can be very common in certain areas. They tend to stay outside but they can approach your home because male members of the species will fly toward lights at night. There is a chance that they’re going to sneak into your home, but they prefer being outside. They’re attracted to wood siding, wood shingles, woodpiles, and clogged gutters. Fix these things to prevent Pennsylvania wood roaches from invading your property.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

Another common cockroach species in our area is the Spotted Mediterranean cockroach. These cockroaches are smaller than most because they only reach a third of an inch at the maximum. They are light tan with dark speckles covering their bodies. One unique fact about the Spotted Mediterranean cockroach is the fact that these cockroaches are native to Europe. They were introduced to North America sometime during the middle of the 1900s. Ever since they arrived, they’ve been spreading across the country and growing their population. These cockroaches are found in many American states, including Virginia. Thankfully, they usually don’t enter residential dwellings but they can enter from time to time.

Even if they do, they won’t reproduce indoors. They are commonly found in certain areas. They tend to swarm around outdoor foliage. They’ll also fly toward lights at night.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are found in Norfolk, Virginia. These cockroaches can grow over an inch in length. They’re either black or dark brown. Male and female cockroaches are much different. For instance, male Oriental cockroaches will have wings that cover three-quarters of their bodies. Female cockroaches belonging to this species never have wings. You’ll also discover that these cockroaches have a lot in common with American cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches prefer infesting sewer systems. They’ll also invade older structures downtown.

There is one thing that sets Oriental cockroaches apart from others. They’re more cold-hardy. As a result, they can stay outside without experiencing problems. These cockroaches are often found near trashcans since they’re going to feed on garbage, decaying matter, and feces.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Smokey brown cockroaches can be found in our area. These pests grow up to an inch and a half during adulthood. In terms of color, they have a deep reddish-brown hue. These cockroaches prefer staying in the south and don’t travel too far north. They can thrive in Virginia when they find ideal conditions. Sometimes, they’ll travel further north to Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. These cockroaches are similar to Oriental and American cockroaches but there are a few differences. They have full wings so that separates them from Oriental cockroaches. Plus, they’re one color so they’re different than American cockroaches.

Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches can be found in our area. They grow up to three-quarters long and have light tan wings. Surinam cockroaches prefer living in warm areas. They don’t travel too far north but they are often found in Norfolk, Virginia. Although they are found here, they don’t show up too often. When they show up on your property, there is a good chance they’ll be in your atrium or greenhouse. One thing to know about this species is that there are no male cockroaches. All Surinam cockroaches are female. Despite this, they can still breed prolifically.

The female cockroaches hold eggs internally until they’re ready to hatch. Then, they’ll give live birth.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Finally, Norfolk is home to brown-banded cockroaches. These pests grow up to half an inch long. They’re often confused as German cockroaches because the two species have a lot in common. However, there are several key differences. They do not have dark racing stripes on their heads. Brown-banded cockroaches are found in Norfolk but they don’t show up too often. They’re uncommon but there is a risk they’re going to infest buildings.

Reasons You Have Cockroaches

There are numerous reasons for cockroaches to invade. Therefore, you’ll need to identify the cockroach species before you can find out what is going on. Failing to properly clean your home can create problems. To prevent these pests from entering your home, it is wise to clean your home thoroughly. If you see one cockroach around your home, it may not be a big issue. If you see a lot more, it is. You’ll need to contact a professional so you can get rid of the pests as soon as possible. Still, you can’t ignore it either way. Regardless of the species, cockroaches are going to breed prolifically.

Once you’ve identified the species, you’ll likely have a better idea why they’ve invaded your residence.

Primary Cockroach Dangerous

Cockroaches pose numerous risks because they can spread illnesses and make people sick. It would be foolish to ignore a cockroach infestation because these pests can make someone seriously ill. Another concern is that the risks are going to climb higher as the infestation gets bigger. However, the risks aren’t physical. These pests aren’t going to bite. They won’t attack you in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, they are going to spread serious illnesses. Some people feed cockroaches to their pet reptiles. Surprisingly, some people keep roaches as pets. Still, you don’t want to let these pests roam freely in your home. You need to take steps to get rid of these pests swiftly because they can inflame asthma symptoms.

If you have asthma, the infestation is going to make it harder for you to breathe. They can also spread salmonella. Cockroaches are often linked to salmonella outbreaks in restaurants. Remember that these pests often live in garbage and feces. Therefore, they’re going to carry bacteria and dangerous pathogens. Plus, they’re going to contaminate your food with their urine and feces. When they contaminate food, it could lead to food poisoning, dysentery, or diarrhea. Get rid of these pests before they make someone seriously ill.

Eradicating A Cockroach Infestation

You should never ignore a cockroach infestation because doing so will lead to big issues. Remember that these pests are incredibly dangerous. As the infestation gets larger, the risks climb seriously higher. Thankfully, there are things you can do to stop these pests from infesting your home. You can also take steps to wipe them out. First and foremost, you need to focus on keeping your home clean and tidy. If you aren’t properly cleaning your home, you’re going to be more likely to experience problems. Try to clean your home thoroughly at least twice a week. You’ll also want to clean up messes every day. Whenever you encounter spills and messes, be sure to take care of them immediately. Grab your trash and take it out every day. Failing to do so will increase the risk that you’re going to encounter cockroaches.

You may contemplate experimenting with do-it-yourself cockroach treatments. Ultimately, some of these products will work exceptionally well but some won’t. Therefore, there is a chance that you’re going to waste your time and energy using these products. You’ll also have to worry about using dangerous products in your home. You don’t want this to happen since you’ll want to protect yourself and your loved ones to the fullest. Our company hires the best exterminators in Norfolk and the top entomologists. Therefore, we’re confident that we’ll be able to fix the problem while keeping you safe.

We use the latest technologies and products to deal with such problems. We’re going to start by thoroughly inspecting your dwelling. Once we’ve done this, we’ll know what is going on in your home and how to fix the problem. Then, we’ll develop a plan to wipe out the pests in your dwelling. Unfortunately, pesticides are likely required. Rest assured knowing that we’ll use these products safely and precisely. Our technicians are trained to keep you safe during and after the treatment process.

How Quickly Can You Get Here?

Contact our Norfolk office as soon as possible. After we’ve received your call, we’ll make sure someone gets back to you within 48 hours. Then, we’ll help you schedule an appointment and receive a free quote.

The Safest Cockroach Treatments

Our company aims to provide the safest cockroach treatments possible. To achieve this goal, we’re going to administer EPA-registered products in our clients’ homes. We strive to use safe, non-toxic techniques to fix the problem. When we have to use insecticides, we’re going to use safe products. Again, we use EPA-registered products because they’ll keep you safe. We use products to minimize the risks involved. We aim to protect our clients to the fullest. We would never use unsafe chemicals in our homes so we’re not going to use them in your home either. When you’re ready to begin, contact us and learn more about the things we’ll do to protect you.

Preventing Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

You’ll want to do everything you can to keep cockroaches out of your home. Otherwise, they’re going to invade your home without any trouble whatsoever. You’ll leave the door open for them. Prevent this from happening to protect yourself and the ones you love. For instance, you need to make sure that your home is properly cleaned regularly. Clean your home thoroughly several times each week. Once you’ve done this, you can sleep soundly knowing that these pests won’t be able to find food in your home. You’ll also want to properly seal your home’s exterior walls. Check for gaps around windows and doors. Seal these entry points to prevent cockroaches from sneaking in.

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