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Heat Treatment

Have you discovered bedbugs in your dwelling? Don’t delay taking care of the problem before it is too late. If you delay, there is a risk that the bugs are going to reproduce and the infestation will rapidly worsen. When attempting to rectify the problem, it is pertinent to rely on efficient techniques. Although there are other tools to eliminate these pests, we argue that heat is the best and most effective option. We’ve been eliminating these troubling pests in Norfolk for many years.

Over the years, we’ve used many techniques to eliminate these pests. Nothing comes close to heat because it offers numerous benefits. Besides offering conventional bedbug removal methods, we also offer and recommend thermal heat treatments.

Bedbug Heat Treatments Are Highly Effective

There are other ways to tackle a bedbug infestation, but it is hard to beat our heat treatments. When you rely on this technique, you’ll receive rapid, safe results. When using heat, the client can maintain their peace of mind knowing everyone will be protected. Plus, you’ll be able to return to your home much quicker. The process is simple since it focuses on raising the home’s temperature. It is effective because bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme heat. When they’re exposed to hot temperatures, they’re going to die. We think heat treatment is the best way to eliminate bedbugs because the entire home can be treated simultaneously.

Our technicians use heat machines to slowly increase the temperature in your home. The hot temperatures will reach every crack and corner in the home. Even if the bugs are hiding in deep crevices, they’ll be exposed to extreme temperatures. To guarantee success, we need to raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees or higher. Once the right temperature is achieved, the bedbugs in the home will not be able to survive. If the bedbugs in your home can’t find an escape route, they’re going to die.

We’ll do our best to trap them in your home so all of them can be eliminated.

Our Most Reliable Bedbug Treatment

We offer full-scale bedbug treatments. Plus, we provide our clients with conventional treatments and eco-friendly treatments. Despite our versatile treatments, we have found that heat is the most effective treatment. We provide a guarantee on each job we complete. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that no treatment is fool-proof. There is always a risk that bedbugs are going to escape and return to the home after we leave. All bedbug treatments have room for error, but heat is more reliable than the rest.

The heat machine will raise the temperature throughout the home so it’ll treat the entire home at once. Even if bugs are hiding in deep holes, they’ll be exposed to the heat. It will kill them. Bedbugs would need to find a way to escape the home to survive.

Proper Temperature Management

The exterminator has to go above and beyond to guarantee the success of heat treatments. If the exterminator slacks off, they’re going to encounter problems. They cannot let this happen. Instead, they need to carefully manage the temperatures and ensure they remain at 140 degrees for several hours. If these temperatures are maintained for two hours or longer, the bedbugs in the home will be eliminated.

The temperatures cannot fluctuate because this would likely allow the bedbugs in your home to survive. Our technicians are highly trained and professional. They’re not going to let this happen.

We’ll Ask You To Stay Out Of Your Home

Our heat treatment is highly reliable and safe. Nevertheless, our technicians want to do everything possible to keep you safe throughout the procedure. We’re going to take precautions to ensure that you’re going to be okay. One thing we’ll do is ask you to evacuate the dwelling before the procedure begins. During our heat treatment, your home is going to be very hot. We don’t want to expose you to these temperatures.

We think the client should leave their home until we’ve finished. It is best to schedule the appointment for a day when you can leave your home. Be sure that you have a place to stay for a few hours so we can work undisturbed. In most cases, our heat treatments can be completed within 2 to 4 hours. Therefore, it won’t take too long before you can return to your dwelling. We’re going to assist you and keep you safe every step of the way. When you’re ready to tackle this problem, contact our Norfolk office and we’ll begin working hard for you.

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