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Welcome to our official website. We’re happy to say that we have been serving the city of Norfolk for many years and we’ve always served our clients to the best of our ability. We would do anything to keep our clients satisfied and that is why you should choose us as your primary pest management firm. We’re here to aid you and we’ll provide you with an amazing service at a great price. As soon as you’ve discovered that you’re suffering from a potential bed bug infestation, you need to get in touch with us. We specialize in bed bug extermination, so we’ll be able to fix your problem in a hurry.

Of course, this isn’t all that we can do. Continue below to learn more about the services that we provide and the benefits of working with us.

We Offer Prevention Tips

When looking for a pest management company in Norfolk, Virginia, there is a good chance that you already have a goal in mind. You may need our bed bug inspections or you might be interested in better protecting your home from bedbugs. The truth of the matter is that we’re capable of doing it all. When it comes to bedbugs, we truly have no limits. We’re happy to sit down with our clients and provide them with a comprehensive consultation. We’ll tell you all about bedbugs and their most common behaviors.

Then, we’ll take a look around your home and see what you can do to keep those bugs out. We’ll provide you with reliable advice, so you can greatly decrease your chances of becoming a victim of bedbugs in the future.

We Offer Comprehensive Pest Inspections

Our company is here to help our clients in any way we possibly can. We will always find a solution to each and every problem that you’re facing. Unfortunately, bedbugs can be very tricky. They’re not like roaches, which tend to show themselves all day and night. Instead, bedbugs are very good at hiding in the victim’s home. We understand this sincerely and we know where they’re most likely to hide. If you suspect that you may be dealing with a bedbug infestation, but you are not positive, you need to get in touch with us.

We’re here to help and we’ll certainly be able to help you find a definite answer to your question. We utilize sniffing dogs and our own experience to help you pinpoint problematic areas in your home. This will make the extermination so much easier. Of course, there is a chance that your home isn’t even infested. If that is the case, we’ll let you know. We would never abuse our client’s trust just to increase our bottom line.

Our Bed Bug Extermination Is Safe

We are happy to provide our clients with the most reliable and safe exterminations. We would do everything humanly possible to get the job done right on the first attempt. However, we believe that it is absolutely pertinent to protect the client. This is why we always take precautions to ensure that the client will be protected from the beginning to the end. If something could potentially harm the client, we will avoid it. This is why our bed bug control firm offers heat treatments. We believe that this is the safest and most effective way to deal with the problem.

When you rely on us, you can guarantee that your problems will be solved, without putting anyone or your pets in harm’s way.

We Work With Permanent Rental Management Companies

A bed bug infestation will spread like a wildfire, if it is not treated properly. To make matters worse, some people live right next to their neighbors. This means if your neighbor’s home becomes infested with bed bugs, your home will most likely become infested, as well. It is nearly impossible to prevent infestations from spreading from one apartment or condo to another.

The key to preventing bed bug infestations from spreading at a rapid pace is to contact the management company, so they can call a licensed exterminator. We have been serving the Norfolk VA area for many years now and have established business relationships with several rental management companies. We not only offer bed bug control solutions, but also offer bed bug management after the infestation is eradicated.

We Highly Recommend Bed Bug Management Services                                

Most people are not familiar with bed bug management services. This service comes into play after the infestation has been eliminated. Getting a bed bug infestation under control and completely eradicated is an extremely difficult process. Individuals who choose to tackle the problem with over-the-counter products, including pesticides, traps and other products could spend weeks or months combating a moderate to severe bed bug infestations.

While you may be killing hundreds of bed bugs with one pesticide application, the adult females will continue to lay more and more eggs. This is an endless cycle that is extremely difficult to break.

Whether it is your responsibility or the management team, someone will need to act quickly. Getting control of the situation will require a doable treatment plan that is executed in a timely manner. Once we successfully eradicate the bed bug infestation, your home will be at a high risk of becoming infested later on down the road. This is why we recommend taking advantage of our bed bug management services, which entails routine inspections and treatments as needed.

Since you went through so much trouble and spent hundreds of dollars to eradicate the bed bug infestation, you will definitely not want to experience such an ordeal again. Bed bug management will prevent your home from becoming infested, while also allowing our technicians to detect any potential signs of an infestation early on. Detecting a bed bug infestation in the early phases will allow our technicians to eradicate it immediately to prevent further escalation.

The Perks Of Choosing Us

Our pest management company is here to aid you. We have put together an effective protocol to ensure that we’re able to solve the client’s problem at the minimum cost. Our company goes well beyond the limits of our competitors. If there is something that we can do to help you, we’ll always do it. Our extermination team will always go the extra mile for our clients! Below, you’ll learn more about the biggest and most notable perks of working with us.

  • Our prices are totally reasonable. We offer quotes to ensure that the client is always able to get a fair price.
  • We use heat machines, because they’re safe and effective.
  • Our firm is completely licensed and insured. We’re happy to protect our clients and this is proof of that.
  • We can actually get the job done on the first try. Our heat machines are effective, so we will not have to visit your home again in the future.
  • We offer inspections, consultations and exterminations. We’re always able to aid our clients.

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As mentioned above, the key to preventing a severe bed bug infestation is immediate action. There are several steps that need to be taken to prevent the infestation from spreading throughout your home, if it has not already. One thing is for sure we can work with you to make sure this does not happen. If you live in a condo or apartment, your home is going to be at a higher risk of developing a bed bug infestation. Contact us today to request your free in-home inspection and quote.

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