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What Is The Beetle?

Being located in your general area, you’ve no doubt have some kind of encounter with the beetle. It could have been during a picnic with the family. It might have been during a backyard barbecue or it might have perhaps been during a camping trip. Whatever the situation, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, an encounter with the infamous beetle is inevitable. This isn’t, however, a problem. They don’t start becoming a problem until they invade the home. Here’s what you need to know about the beetle to help you prepare for the journey ahead.

These insects have two sets of wings, bad vision, and are considered by many to be both helpful and a nuisance. They are considered helpful in some situations because they also feed on other insects. While these beetles range in size, shape, color, and temperament, there are only three distinct species that you have to worry about in your area. These would be the ground beetles, the powder post beetles, and the longhorn beetles.

Why Are Beetles In My Home?

Beetles are just like any other insect your encounter in your life. They need three things in order to survive and live happily. These would be shelter, food, and water. Speaking of shelter, this is more than likely their reason for being on your property. Some of their most common places for sheltering are leaf piles, rotting wood, old lumber, and firewood piles. In addition to this, they are also attracted to bright lights that seep out around doors and windows.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

When it comes right down to it, beetles are considered nothing more than a nuisance. As you learned earlier, they are actually considered a helpful pest by many because of their propensity to feed on other troublesome insects. Regardless, you don’t want them hanging around your property, especially not if you are running a business. One site of these critters could send your customers running in the other direction, giving you a bad review in the process. In addition to this, there are some species like the powder post beetle that can do immense amounts of damage to wooden structures. Not something you want! We are here to help!

How Do I Get Rid Of Beetles?

So, here comes the most important question of all, how do I get rid of beetles? Unfortunately, these are difficult critters to eliminate. There are many conditions around the property that could be inviting to the critter. It is these properties that you will have to identify and eliminate. Doing this will eradicate your beetle problem. The only problem is identifying those properties. This is something our techs are skilled and trained to do. We’ll be more than glad to handle your problem for you. All you have to do is give us a call.

Can I Eliminate Beetles Myself?

Because of the complexities of beetles and the complication of treatment, it makes removal really difficult. Sure, you can try to get rid of them yourself, and there are plenty of people out there who do and will try. The only problem is, they will likely only experience semi-success. And here’s why: the over-the-counter pesticides and products designed for eliminating beetles aren’t as effective as the ones we utilize. The ones we utilize contain specific chemicals and ingredients. These chemicals and ingredients are illegal to the general public. Anyone using them in any manner is doing so illegally. This is something you’ll want to consider when choosing a specialist.

All in all, we cannot recommend anyone trying to eliminate beetles on their own. This is not to say there aren’t things you can’t do or you won’t experience some success. This is just to say, know you have a difficult journey ahead of you.

When Can You Get Here?

When dealing with beetles, you likely want the problem taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is especially for those running a business. We understand this, and while we do stay extremely busy all time of the year, we are more than willing to adapt and accommodate. All you have to do is give us a ring. We’ll get someone out to the property within 24 to 48 hours after you make that initial call. If you are in need of emergency services, we also have people available to handle these situations. We can get someone out to the property immediately if and when needed.

How Much Will It Cost?

To be honest, quoting a price for beetle management can be extremely difficult. This is because there are so many varying factors that weigh on the overall cost. The size of the infestation, the location of it, the location of your property, and a whole slew of other factors can weigh in on the overall cost. What we can promise you is that we will be fair and upfront. After accessing the property and quoting you a price, you can rest assured that’s the exact amount you’ll pay. There will be no hidden fees or added charges. Give us a call now to get a quote tomorrow!

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